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Dr. Palmer featured in Psychology Today

Dr. Palmer’s limited private practice is now verified by Psychology Today and can be viewed at:¬†

Dr. Palmer, EdD

An excerpt from Psychology Today, written by Dr. Palmer:

We live in a contradictory world, and are often at odds with either our goals or society. We are increasingly busy and less connected to family and other personal networks. Our world gives limited room for true self-discovery and devalues personal responsibility and challenge. In my practice, you are free to look at where you came from, where you are now, and where you want to go. I am not as concerned with diagnosis or problems as I am concerned about who you are and what you want to do in life. Life is worth living to the fullest!
As a doctoral level psychotherapist, I have been trained and supervised in diverse theoretical paradigms. I see the world in existential terms, conceptualize relationships psychodynamically, and am skilled at inter-weaving a cognitive-behavioral / dialectic perspective, if desired by my clients. I hold the credential of Master Counselor with NATWC.Conclusions
I have practiced in a wide range of settings in my tenure. I am an adventurous person, having begun my practice in Adventure-Based Counseling & Wilderness Therapy, and I am comfortable with a diverse set of clinical concerns as well. I am nationally certified counselor with NBCC.
Email us for more information regarding Dr. Palmer’s limited private practice, or to learn more about his work in Adventure Based Counseling, Research, and Outdoor Leadership.
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